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    > The princess, the king and the flower: a story by Louise, 4.5 years old

    The princess, the king and the flower: a story by Louise, 4.5 years old

    Once upon a time there was a princess named Isabelle. She had no prince because she wanted to marry somebody. The next day, she saw a flower under her garden. She didn’t pick it up because she didn’t know who the flower was. The flower wanted to speak but she didn’t know the princess’ name.

    “It’s me, Bella, OK flower?” said the princess.

    The next other day, the princess saw the sky getting grey so she thought that lightning is coming on. She ran away and went to her castle to tell the king about the storm. But the king said:

    “There’s no storm, it’s just going to rain.”

    The next morning, she saw a little baby standing outside of her door because she wanted to marry him. There was sunshine coming out of the clouds. The king said:

    “Are those silly hearts? because I don’t know what they are.”

    The princess said:

    “Wait, those are the clouds.”

    The king said:

    “No, no, no. Those are not the clouds and you have got to go in the castle.”

    The princess answered:

    “You’re wrong, King, so I’m going out and you’re staying in!”

    The flower said:

    “I’ve been waiting for you every day.”

    The princess offered the flower to go in the sky and find her little fairies.

    “I’m putting the king in the jail!” she said.

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