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    > Toddler Attack

    Toddler Attack

    She’s done it again. My sweet two-year-old pushed a class mate at school this morning. She probably did it with a smile, knowing her. How can these little angels be so devilish at times? We’ve talked about it. No pushing, no poking, no shirt pulling, no hair pulling. I guess being nice is not part of her genetic map these days. I hate going to her preschool and learning about her “incidents”, or how badly she behaved today. Bribery does not work, we’ve tried that. Her sweet tooth is not that extravagant. Threats work only occasionally, particularly if TV is involved. Time outs, unfortunately, are always reasons to have a good laugh since it’s the only effect they have on her. I understand that she’s not 2.5 yet, that she’s got to measure up to her big sister, that her molars are coming through, that she’s struggling with understanding English but come on. Systematically poking a girl twice her age and her size? In the eye, what’s more? Why oh why? as Charlie Brown would say. I hope that at least she finds some relief in doing it because now that her behavior has been discussed at school, she knows she’ll get both a lecture and lose a privilege at home.

    One thought on “Toddler Attack

    1. Laure,I understand that it’s difficult to discuss with a 2,5 year old girl. But I’m sure she’s a smart girl and that she understands in her way. If timeout is not efficient maybe you should cut off TV, this should be very easy for us to understand …Anyway, send us to her uncle Lionel in France, he will teach her the french way !Good luck !Lionel

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