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    > Top 10 Recipes of 2016 on Frog Mom

    Top 10 Recipes of 2016 on Frog Mom

    These were the top 10 recipes of 2016 you loved most on Frog Mom, from healthy comfort food to go with days outside to fun foraging recipes experimenting with wild plants gathered in the woods. Travel inspiration was also pretty high in your food searches, as shown by the Icelandic barley bread recipe at #3, brought back from a trip to eastern Iceland. Of course, camping being a hot topic on Frog Mom, it’s no surprise that 2 out of 10 of the most popular recipes relate to this wonderful outdoor activity, with a DIY pancake mix recipe and JetBoil Zip recipes.

    Top 10 Recipes of 2016

    You can check more fantastic top recipes for 2016 with talented food bloggers on Jenny Evolution here.


    #1 Pumpkin Recipes for Kids

    What do your kids think about pumpkin in smoothies, granola bars or pizzas? I believe that these will result in new food discoveries for you as a family. Take a look and be bold. Experiment, you will love them!

    Link here.

    #2 Honey and Stinging Nettle Cake Recipe (Gluten-free)

    Stinging nettles are often used in savory dishes, much like spinach, but in France, nettle desserts are traditional in some regions. When I realized that stinging nettles cakes were an item, this opened a world of possibilities and I made a honey stinging nettle cake for my swimming club. It was a hit and I went foraging more stinging nettles to repeat it the following week.

    Link here.

    #3 Icelandic Barley Buttermilk Bread Recipe

    Recipe for Buttermilk Barley Bread

    Made with barley, an ancient grain gaining popularity for its health benefits, this bread is dead easy to make once you have all the ingredients. It’s also very nutritious which means that you can make a long loaf at breakfast for big family reunions and know that stomachs will be full until lunchtime.Link here.

    #4 Soup Recipes for Winter Outdoor Fun

    Hanami Miso Soup Picnic

    These 30 winter soup recipes are packed with seasonal produce as well as foods rich in iron, vitamin A, antioxydants, protein or calcium, to name a few, to make sure that your kids stay happy and healthy while enjoying the season outside.

    Link here.

    #5 Chocolate Sea Salt Sables Recipe

    This recipe is one of my favorite chocolate cookie recipes ever and as you can see, everybody loves it! It’s both sweet and salty, very buttery and chocolatey, as well as completely addictive. It’s also a great recipe for a day outdoor with kids, as it can be packed easily for a picnic.

    Link here.

    #6 Pancake Mix Recipe (Gluten-free) for Camping

    Making pancakes from scratch is super easy and we made this DIY pancake mix recipe for camping in Scotland. My youngest daughter is an absolute pancake nut and when we planned three days of meals to backpack the Affric Kintail Way, she insisted that we have pancakes for breakfast.

    Link here.

    #7 Elderflower Pine Nut Recipe (Gluten-free)

    Elderflower Pinenut Cake Recipe

    Back from a coastal hike last Sunday, I saved a bunch of blossoms to create this elderflower pinenut cake recipe. It’s gluten-free too, with a pleasant crunch on the outside and a texture that calls for a spoonful of blackcurrant jam at tea time or breakfast.

    Link here.

    #8 Kid-Friendly Guacamole Recipe

    Kid-Friendly Guacamole Recipe

    This chunky guacamole packs a bunch in ripe avocados, tasty tomatoes and green goodness. It is so good that we just eat it on its own or as a side dip but it would be great for a sunny day out, with the customary tortilla chips.

    Link here.

    #9 Wild Garlic Pizza Recipe (Ransoms)

    Wild Garlic Pizza Recipe

    Wild garlic, also known as ransoms, is a wonderful herb that you can forage in the spring and I picked a bunch during a picnic near London. Armed with a tote bag, I picked a lot and when I got home, I washed half of it to dry it in my new dehydrator and half of it to eat fresh. The inspiration for this wild garlic pizza came from our Meatless Monday tradition.

    Link here.

    #10 JetBoil Zip Review and Recipes

    JetBoil Zip review

    What can you do with hot water and a JetBoil? Here are a few recipes and food ideas for your next camping or backpacking trip.

    Link here.



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