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    > Top 5 Parenting Posts of 2016

    Top 5 Parenting Posts of 2016

    Showing your love of the outdoors, these top 5 parenting posts of 2016 on Frog Mom celebrate nature through the seasons. While summertime was high on your minds, some very popular posts were timeless favorites that could be followed in any season. As far as the most popular parenting topics, it was a toss-up between physical exercises for the great outdoors and more leisurely activities combining the arts and nature.

    Top 5 Parenting Posts of 2016

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    #1 | 15 Things to Do at the Beach with Kids


    Whether you’re a beach regular or not, it’s great to have a list of things to do at the beach with kids, if only to hit the refresh button on classic activities. As you will see, there’s more than playing with buckets and shovels in this list.

    Link here.

    #2 | How Kids can Create Sketch Maps for the Outdoors

    Sketch maps

    Part art, part geography, a sketch map is a fun way to document a day outdoors with a creative touch. In her geography class, my 10-year-old daughter learned to create a sketch map which is the simplest sort of map kids can create. If you want to turn family outdoor activities into keepsakes, sketch maps are a great way to remember a fun day out on paper. Here are illustrated steps on how to do one with your kids.

    Link here.

    #3 | How to Write a Nature Poem like Roald Dahl

    Write nature poems like Roald Dahl - Mesostic poems

    Writing is a great way to get kids outside and to help them use their creative mind. To inspire young nature lovers, what better inspiration than a master of the craft? Roald Dahl, the famous British author and poet, used to walk to a wood around his home, in the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Beauty, to relax and find inspiration. That’s how “Fantastic Mr Fox” and a few nature poems came about!

    Link here.

    #4 | 7 Olympic Athletes Share Healthy Living Tips for Kids

    Lausanne with Kids - Olympic Museum

    These seven Team USA Olympic athletes kill it in the pool, on uneven bars, on the gym floor, on the football field and in the sand. In the run up to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, I was honored to be able to reach out to these Olympic athletes about healthy living tips for kids.

    Link here.

    #5 | 5 Easy Frog Exercise Moves for Kids

    Each activity is inspired by scientific frog behaviors, which means that the moves double as educational material on the humble amphibian. Not only are these frog exercise moves fun, but you won’t need any gear or gym equipment for them. Comfortable clothing and trainers will do. These moves would be great birthday party or school activities on a frog theme.

    Link here.

    You can also check out my top 10 recipes of 2016, all inspired by the great outdoors and perfect for days out with the family.


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