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    > Top 5 Parenting Posts of 2017

    Top 5 Parenting Posts of 2017

    Showing your love of the outdoors, these top 5 parenting posts of 2017 on Frog Mom celebrate active travel and nature through the seasons. While camping and the solar eclipse was high on your minds, some very popular posts were timeless favorites that could be followed in any season. As far as the most popular parenting topics, it was a toss-up between parenting resources for outdoorsy families and travel ideas with incredible nature and kid hotspots.

    Top 5 Parenting Posts of 2016

    In reverse order of popularity on Frog Mom, here are the top 5 parenting posts of 2017.

    #5 Best 10 Places to Visit in Croatia with Kids

    Croatia with Kids

    Croatia is everything you’ve heard and probably more. It’s beautiful, the water is clear, Dubrovnik is breathtaking and every other historical landmark is a Game of Thrones filming location (only slightly exaggerating). Thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate, there’s also oodles of things to do in Croatia with kids and the country counts lots of family-friendly hotels or resorts to choose from. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few ideas to plan your trip along the Dalmatian coast.

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    #4 Harry Potter Whomping Willow Hike with Kids

    Whomping Willow

    If your family is remotely into Harry Potter, you’ve probably heard about the Whomping Willow, this magical tree that furiously thrashes around and attacks anyone within branch range. While the most famous whomping willow is located on the grounds of Hogwart’s School of Wizardry, I recently found out that the Whomping Willow in The Goblet of Fire movie was a real tree in a forest close to London. How cool would it be to find it? When I told that to my girls, they were so excited that they even invited a friend–who never hikes–to join our day outside. How’s that to motivate older kids to go on a hike?

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    #3 What To Do in Mount Shasta with Kids this Winter

    Hiking to the McCloud Falls

    Note: this old favorite post was updated in 2017.

    No idea what to do in Mount Shasta with kids this winter? The area is a treasure trove of winter fun for families with older kids, well away from the Tahoe crowds and with spectacular scenery to boot. Second highest volcano in the US? Check. Ski resort, sledding hill and cool bookstores? Check, check, check. No crowds or lines? Check and double check. Well then, what are the snow bunnies waiting for? Aaaah, I know. It’s the drive, isn’t it? Yes, it’s a long drive up I-5 but wait til you arrive on that lone epic mountain capped with snow surrounded by plains. It’s an amazing sight.

    Rest the rest of the post here.

    #2 Top 20 Outdoor Dad Blogs 2017

    Top 20 Outdoor Dad Blogs

    Dads who blog about getting kids outside are a great source of inspiration. Whether they are parents, educators, grandparents, nature advocates or bushcraft masters, they all share one goal–getting kids outside and making it fun. They show how they enjoy quality time with their kids and what others can enjoy too. Yes, pushing a child in a wheelbarrow qualifies as outdoor fun:)

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    #1 10 Best London Day Trips with Kids

    London Day Trips
    Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

    London is a great city to visit with kids, made all the more exciting by all the world-class day trips around it. When we arrived in London five years ago, we loved how easy it was to hop on a train with family tickets and discover a new city or area for a day. While our girls were 8 and 6 when we arrived, they’re 13 and 11 today and finding places that are fun for older kids can be a bit tricky. Today, I’m sharing our top 10 day trips from London, must-sees for anybody visiting London with school-age kids. From Shakespeare’s green countryside to royal castles, for Harry Potter fans and for science nerds, these day trips are all easily accessible without a car and great fun for families.

    Read the rest of the post here.

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