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    > Trailer of Oz The Great and Powerful

    Trailer of Oz The Great and Powerful

    Oz The Great and Powerful poster

    Hey Dorothy, what happened before you crushed a wicked witch and fought your way to the Emerald City? Did you ever wonder who the impostor behind the curtain was?

    When I received word that the new trailer of Oz the Great and Powerful had been played at the San Diego Comic-con, I was intrigued and scratched my head. This couldn’t be a movie adaptation of Wicked because it would be called Wicked. Couldn’t be a remake of The Wizard of Oz nor a Timothy Burton version of The Wiz either. What then?

    I watched the trailer and it looks absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know how good the story will be but the movie already has one plus in my book – James Franco, one of the fave actors, plays Oz before he was great and powerful and old and bald. Even better, the movie was directed by Sam Raini of Evil Dead and Spiderman fame. What an odd combination for the prequel of a children’s classic. Regardless, I can’t wait to see it. What do you think?

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