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    > Welcome 2013 with a Nature Family Creation!

    Welcome 2013 with a Nature Family Creation!

    From our family to yours,

    HAPPY 2013!

    To make this fab New Year’s sand castle I took my girls and my husband to the beach with pails and shovels. “Mom, are we really going to the beach on December 31st?” asked the girls. Why of course, we’ll have  the beach all to ourselves. Indeed as we went over the dune, we saw miles of beach completely empty. Just the silver winter sea, drift wood as far as the tide would bring and rainbow seashells by the water’s edge. We’re so used to seeing this particular stretch of beach overcrowded in the summer that this pristine winter sight was a beautiful sight. As the wind whipped our legs, we set to work in the sand. My 7-year old built a seashell garden that she gleefully watered with tiny watering cans I filled in the sea. My husband built a fortified sand castle complete with drawbridge, inside mountain and corner towers. My 9-year old collected seashells and dug a deep moat leading to the sea. As for me, I trotted to and fro between the sand castle and the sea, barefoot and in shorts that seemed not quite warm enough for a December afternoon. We tried to light a few sparkling candles to decorate the sand castle but the wind had the better of the sparks and we put them in our pockets. Satisfied with our masterwork, we came back home to a hot bath and hot tea.

    Why this story, what’s it to 2013?

    I wanted to end 2012 with a family activity and something unusual such as going to the beach on December 31st. I wanted to share this afternoon with the two girls who are the most precious little people of my life and who love playing with us. I also wanted to create a welcome 2013 something outside in nature. Something that would last only in memories and pictures. Something ephemeral just for the New Year. Hence the New Year’s sand castle.

    Now you.

    To kick off 2013 on an outdoorsy family note, take your kids outside tomorrow. I mean it, they need you to go outside. Carve out a couple hours of free time and help them build a welcome 2013 something. A stick fort, a snowman, a rabbit hole – whatever. While you build whatever you’re building, watch for bird nests high up in the trees. We saw a dozen on our way to the beach today. Bare branches of winter trees are the best opportunity to see bird nests. That’s pretty cool.

    And build.

    Family is everything. Cherish it and nourish it. Whatever your New Year’s resolutions, make sure your kids are happy little beings. Happy children make a happy Earth.

    Happy 2013 and may your wishes bring you lots of good things!

    Frog Mom


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