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    > Welcome to the New Frog Mom Website!

    Welcome to the New Frog Mom Website!

    Hello WordPress, goodbye Blogger! Yes it’s been a long time coming but Frog Mom finally has a real website with all the usual suspects: calendar of events, seasonal posts on main page (note the fancy schmanzy carousel), a newsletter (first one goes out next week), space for advertising, and an About Me page with contact info. If you’re receiving this as a subscriber, click on Frog Mom and see the change. If not, well you should subscribe anyway because as the old wise owl says, why not?

    Now enjoy the new look. Are you happy? Because I am. It took about 5 months of drafts, wireframes and impossibly tricky decisions on color and type font (girlie stuff, mostly) + the expertise of web designer extraordinaire Lisa Hazen to get this awesome green and orange extravaganza. Of course you want to know, what’s changed now and why did my awesome mom accept to sponsor this rather than a pair of Louboutin shoes?

    Well, a few nifty features no stylish shoes can replace:

    • You can read my tweets directly on the home page without logging onto Twitter. I know, life changing.
    • You can read a selection of local events on the top right corner. I’ll be picking the obvious family events as well as some obscure programs without which Frog Mom would be too plain vanilla.
    • You can browse categories of posts and search archives faster than before. It’s my “user-friendly” feature.
    • My photos will be displayed inside blog posts as photo galleries – no more funky text/photo placement!
    • You can reach my readers with ads and sponsored newsletters. The whole capitalist shebang.
    • Click on the small Facebook icon on the top right corner and get effortlessly redirected to the Frog Mom Facebook page where you can learn more about what makes me click – or not.
    • You can now read every post in ancient Greek with fur lining. Ha! You wish.

    Oops, I just ran out of excuses for making dinner for my kids. Ciao bambini! So long readers and keep on reading because as long as I have two nimble fingers, I’ll keep on writing.

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