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    > Over The Wall Camp

    Over The Wall Camp

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    1. Bunk Junk-Matress Cover-Sheets-Pillow-Pillow Case-Comforter-Extra Throw Blanket-Hamper-Pictures of family-Paper for Writting-Diary-CameraCLOTHES-Socks (14 pairs)-Tanktops (10)-Shorts (10)-Bathing Suits (5-7)-Sweat Shirts (2-3)-Jeans (1-2)-Dress (1)-Sneakers (2)-Cleats (1)-Water Shoes (1)-Flip-Flops (2-5)-T-Shirts (5)-Skirts (3)-Cami’s (3)-Bras (7)-Underwear (14)SPORTS STUFF (MAY VARY)-One Peice Bathing Suit-Helmet-Lacrosse Stick-Base-ball Bat-Football-Exercise Pants-Sports Gloves-Mouth Peice-Body PadsTOILETRIES-Shower Cattie-Shampoos-Conditioners-Body Wash-Face Wash-Spot Treatments-Band Aids-Whipes-Seat Covers-Hand Sanitizer-Mouth Wash-Tooth Paste-Floss-Wax-Tooth Brush-Hair Brush-Tweezers-Make-Up-Toilet Paper-Pads-Tampons-Comb-Mini-First Aid Kit-MoisturizerEXTRA-Flash Light-Water Bottle-Candy-Rain Poncho-Showe Shoes-Gum-Mints-Medicine-Bug Spray-Anti-Septic-Pictures-Scrapbook-Lanyard-String-Books-Magazines-Towels-Money-Cell Phone-Jacks-Marbles-Cards-Chap-Stick-Dry foods-Cough Dropsi hope you have an aaimzng time at camp! i know that i always did, dont forget things you may personally need like inhalers, medicine, slings, etc.

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